Our Team

Flick is committed to developing a great working culture, where we do our very best work and have fun doing it. Our culture is centred around:

  • Challenge - we push technical boundaries

  • Design - we develop products users love

  • Innovation - we build things others will copy

  • Learning - we help team members grow and take on new challenges

  • Support - we help each other deliver our best work

Our team is based in Edinburgh, Scotland but supporting an app used in over 180 countries.

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Nigel Eccles
Co-Founder + CEO

Nigel has vast startup experience and was previously the co-founder and CEO of FanDuel, one of Scotland’s first unicorn companies.

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Rob Jones
Co-Founder + CPO

Rob was previously the EVP Design and co-founder of FanDuel. As a designer, he loves to focus on execution. Flick is his 5th startup!

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Ryan Anderson
Lead Software Engineer

Ryan leads the technical team here + has vast experience working on native apps with millions of users. He was previously at Yavi and Kotikan.
Never turns down chocolate.

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Mairi McCallum
Product Manager

Creative Product Manager with 6+ years experience in some of Europe's most exciting start-ups including Metail, Lyst and Badoo.
Likes talking about Brexit.

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David TJ Powell
Product Designer

David’s design background has earned him working with big labels and on apps like Mallzee. He loves building brands and designing products that spark joy in users.

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Noelia Alcalá
Android Engineer

Always focused on learning and developing as an Engineer and as a team. Noelia brings a cheerful and positive perspective to everything. Previously she worked at MTC media.

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Andy Boyd
iOS Engineer

Has had over 10 years experience working in both startup environments and in consultancy roles, including at Outware Mobile in Australia and at Deloitte Digital in the UK.

He loves bacon and interrogating plants equally.

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Yasir Ahmad
iOS Engineer

Yasir is a software engineer with years of experience building products for many different companies. Currently specialising in iOS and back-end development. Previously worked at Yavi and Kotikan.

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Kelli Buchan
Head of Talent

Kelli has over 15 years experience in Recruitment and HR. She previously helped build the team at FanDuel and works with many of Scotland’s top startups.

If you have a sense of humour, and want to be part of a fun, driven team then take a look at our open positions:

Our Investors

In April 2018 Flick raised $4m from top tier US investors and advisors which include:

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