Setting Up Payments on Flick

On Flick, we've recently released the ability to allow your most avid listeners to support your podcast in the form of monthly subscriptions. Until now, setting up the ability for your fans to contribute monthly to the content they love has been difficult. But with this latest release we've made that process super easy, allowing you turn your passion into a full-time gig. Once you've setup your group on the mobile app simply follow the basic steps below to start receiving monthly subscriptions! 

In order to set up your premium section on Flick you first must make sure that you have signed up through the mobile app and that you have already created a podcast group on Flick.

Once your group has been created you can then head to https://setup.flickapp.com to set up your podcast group to start receiving payment and to login or setup your Stripe payment account.

Stripe is a third party service that we've integrated with, meaning it handles all of your payment needs; such as recurring billing, itemised transactions and refunds (plus a lot more). It is the industry leading platform for allowing users and businesses to take payments in a hassle-free way. All you need to get going are your bank details and address and voilà you can start receiving official payments from your subscribers!

1. Linking your Flick Podcast Group

First, sign in to your Flick Podcast Group - it's important that you use the same credentials to log in here as you used to signup through the app.

2. Select the Podcast group you'd like to setup payments for

Tap on the group that you'd like to start receiving payments for.

3. Set the monthly subscription amount for your users

You can adjust the monthly subscription amount that you'd like for users of your group. Simply tap the + button to increase the monthly $ amount.

4. Add A Premium RSS feed (if you have one) 

If you'd like to offer premium rss feed, which could include things like ad-free versions of your podcast, or extra bonus episodes), then simply grab your rss feed and add it here (you can also do this at a later date). Once you're done with the payment setup you'll also have the ability to post premium content in the group in a separate, members-only area in the app - perfect for hosting exclusiveAMAs, Q&A sessions and giving behind the scenes footage etc.

5. Link your Flick group to Stripe

You'll now need to hook up your Flick Group to a Stripe account in order to start receiving payments.

6. Set up Stripe (or, login if you already have a Stripe account)

If you already have a Stripe account, simply hit the log in button in the top right of the screen. If you don't have a Stripe account simply fill out the form with your account details.

7. You're Done -You can now start receiving payments in your group!

Once you've filled out your Stripe form you'll be given an unique URL for your payments. Simply post this in the group to your members (in a pinned message within a pinned Topic is best). Users in the group can now subscribe to you, once they do they'll be given access to your premium area within the app.

Your premium, members-only area is now ready for you to start adding in premium content and chatting to your most eager members. Other members in the Group will still see all the regular messages, it just means there's an extra private area for paid members.

You can also see which members are supporters of your podcast, as denoted by the star and purple outline on their avatars - you can see the list of subscribers in the members list for the group.

We hope you enjoy being able to host and get paid on Flick, if you have any issues at all in getting setup with payments reach out to support@flickapp.com and we'll get back to you within a few hours.