Maximize Your Cheers & Tips

5 ways to create value

Host live game chats during relevant sporting events
  • If the team your group supports is playing then your members will want to express their emotions through cheermotes.
  • Promote your live game chat across your social media pages in the lead up to the game.
  • Send a Flick announcement about your live game chat. Announcement chat messages send push notifications to your entire group.
  • Thank the members who contribute the most or reward them with mod status.

Break the latest news
  • Post eye-catching messages in the ‘announcement’ chat to encourage members to click on the notification and use Flick more. The more often they use Flick, the more likely they are to cheer.
  • Send announcements that are engaging and stand-out.
  • Deliver the latest news that gives value to your group members.
  • Update fans on the score of games.
  • Generate hype pre-game so members tune-in.
  • Host giveaways through the ‘announcement’ chat.

Get people talking
  • Set-up good, engaging chats, ensure participation and keep the chat flowing.
  • Set-up a good variation of chats for the group.
  • As host, be active in the chat to receive more cheers.
  • Keep chats fresh and up-to-date.
  • Don’t tolerate abuse or trolling - ban any members who don’t make others feel welcome.
  • Choose your best group members to be moderators that help keep the peace.

Thank fans for cheering
  • Fans cheer to support your work and gain your attention - be sure you let them know you appreciate it.
  • Thank fans by swiping on the cheer to reply. The more personal you make your response the better.
  • Even more rewarding for them, send a private message.
  • Share your supporter’s names on your other social media, this will make more people cheer in the future as they want to feature on your account publicly.

Post premium content
  • Fans who cheer will get access to your premium chats - so set-up a premium chat and try to make sure that your premium chat is enjoyable so that members cheer again in the future.
  • You could run a give-away in your premium chat. Use your announcements channel to tell all of your users that they can cheer in order to have access to it.  
  • Let your fans get closer to you. Use your premium chat to post extra content, share wallpapers and behind the scenes content and interact more personally, these are your most loyal fans!
  • Update your premium chat regularly so there is new content for members who cheer more than once.