Hosts Handbook

Hosts Handbook

Creating Chats and keeping users Engaged

Create Your Main Chats

These are the chats that you'll always keep active. These should include: 

  • Main Chat (Discuss Anything)
  • Introduce Yourself (New Members) 
  • Photos and Memes Chat

To create these chats tap on the pink '+' button in the bottom right of your groups main page.

Messaging Functions

- To reply to a message, swipe right on the message you want to reply to and type your reply

- To react to a message, simply hold down the message you want to react to then select a reaction

- To Pin a Message, hold down and select 'Pin'. This is good for instructing members on what each chat is for or to ask members a question in each chat

Live Chats

Host Live Chats when your team is playing or an important event is happening. Hosting regular live chats for games will increase how often people message in your group.

- Create a new Chat and select Live Now.

- Enter a title for the Chat, then in the First Message box, let your group members know that you’re live.

- The first message is sent out as a post notification, so you’ll have members messaging in no time!


Only Hosts & Moderators can post in Announcement chats. Every message sent is delivered as a post notification to members. Use this feature 3-6 times a day so you don’t spam members notifications tab! Make your announcements eye catching to make them stand out.


Promoting Your Group on Instagram

Story Post

The best way to promote your group is to use as few words as possible. Skip to the point!

Mention the benefits of Flick Chat, like potential giveaways and a place to make new friends.

Embed your group link in the story.

Encourage your audience to ‘swipe up’ on the story by saying ‘Don’t Miss Out’.

Do stories like this before your team plays games to encourage potential members to join

Page Post

Use a regular image that is similar to the photos you regularly post.

Place your group link in your bio.

In the post’s caption, explain the benefits of joining your group and why your followers should do it.

Explain that it won’t take long for them to join and that they won’t regret it.

Remind them that the link is in your bio and they should go join!