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Have YOU Heard From Your Audience?

A guest blog post from Rebecca Lozer from The Secret Life of Wedding Podcast.

ENGAGEMENT, no not the one that ends in “I-Do”.
en-gage: attract, involve (someone’s interest or attention) participate or become involved in.

YES you are in the right place IF you are a podcaster.

When you hear the phrase “engage your audience” you immediately assume it refers to your podcast in how you script, present and attract your audience. To keep them listening and engaged in each and every episode is generally the focus. What if we told you this word that is so grand in the podcasting world, has another meaning.

Yes this applies to you if you have a business podcast, self-help podcast, comedy podcast, true crime podcast and an everything in-between podcast. And yes it is for YOUR niche podcast too!

“Participate or become involved in”, the mighty dictionary definition never fails. How are you involved with your listeners outside of being strapped to their ears during early morning commutes to work? Perhaps you have a Facebook group, Instagram following with pretty pictures or maybe twitter and snapchat are more your speed, quick little visual sound bites for your demographic. Ideally you are on social media in some capacity for your podcast. Or did you take the old school podcasting approach and you simply chat through email. We will fist bump you here for that, because it’s a lot of work.

Congratulations you have 5 downloads, or 50 or even 5000, the number is important and not for the reason you think. That is exactly 5 people who care about what you have to say, 50 people who listen regularly and 5000 people who would love nothing more than for you to be available to them in some capacity. So what are you waiting for?

Creating a dialogue with your listeners helps to forge a bond. Engaging with them through a platform that allows them access to you directly will help to transition them from fan to “super fan”. A Super Fan is an advocate for your show, an ambassador for your podcast. When you have a listener this engaged with your podcast you have someone who will tell the world about YOU and your podcast. Notice how we emphasize “you”. Naturally you want your show to be shared with the masses, but you also want the dedicated listener to appreciate and essentially like you and the brand you represent. This isn't the time for a bot or automated response, it's time for you to be genuine, creative and most of all yourself.

Take time to respond to their comments and even start a conversation yourself. In a very social driven world everyone is looking to connect, so why not bridge this gap. Here is where the connect happens and the engagement pays off. You’ve now given them direct access to you (not to worry you don’t have to make 5000 new best friends), and because they just joined a group of other listeners who all have the same two things in common (they like your podcast and they like you), you have now created a community.

Wow mind blown, insert happy dance and any other excited emoji you can think of. A community of dedicated listeners who not only love and appreciate your show but who are now hard core advocates for your podcast and You. Bonus they have now formed new relationships with other listeners they never otherwise would have met. You did it! You have created a fan base by putting time in where it counts. We did it as well and now have an amazing community that supports our podcast and one another, they have named themselves "Squeems". See the connect? A group of people from around the world came together because of your podcast and that is Invaluable.

As Toronto based veteran wedding photographers by day and the hosts of The Secret Life of Weddings podcast by night. You can find us dishing on all things wedding drama, as well as offering advice to our listeners. As podcasters we know the importance of engaging our listeners through social platforms. When starting a podcast you are given an abundance of information that can vary just as much as it can contradict itself. So you have to find what works. Podcasting essentially is a recipe that you have to work and rework, but you will always require your base ingredients (great content, great sound and engagement). After speaking with numerous attendees at Podcast Movement recently, we found many podcasters were either not or under utilizing social media platforms. The reasons behind these choices varied, but more importantly it was simply underestimated how impactful engagement through a platform for your podcast can be.

What if we told you there was a way to bridge the gap between podcasters and their audience?

What if we told you that you can not only engage with your listeners in a chat platform, but they can also listen to your episodes (including your back catalogue) directly within the app? And what if we also told you, Flick can help you monetize right out of the gate? Lastly what if we told you this platform is FREE not only for you, but for your listeners too. Now, unlock your phone open the app store and get this downloaded, we just gave you way too many reasons not to!

Flick is real and it’s here to shake up the podcast world! We could not be happier to be using FLICK to engage our audience.

Rebecca Lozer