Growing Your Group

Tell Your Followers

Want to grow your Flick Chat? Here are a few ways you can convert your current social media following into monetizable Flick members.

Instagram - Page post

When you first create your Flick Chat, a page post is the perfect way to promote your group. If you want to maximise your earnings, share one of these posts a week, or before big games or events.

Make Sure You:

  • Place your group link in your bio.
  • Use a good image that will encourage your followers to click on your post.
  • In the post’s caption, explain the benefits of joining your group and why everyone should do it. Really sell your group! The better you do this the more fans who will join!
  • Remind them that the link is in your bio and that they should join now!

Story post

Keep your stories consistent. Use story posts to share your Flick Group every couple of days. The more your followers hear about it, the more likely they are to join!

Make Sure You:

  • Use as few words as possible, skip to the point.
  • Keep it short, but mention the main benefits of your Flick Chat (Giveaways, share your opinion, meet new friends!).
  • Embed your group link in your story.
  • Encourage your audience to ‘Swipe Up’.
  • Use your Instagram story to promote live chats during games and share giveaways or  competitions.
  • Save your stories as Highlighted Flick Chat stories.