Flick - The BitClout App

Today we are publicly launching Flick - The BitClout App, an iOS app for BitClout.

The team at Flick has spent the last 3 years working with creators to help them engage and monetize their top fans. Through that time we have worked with 1,000s of creators and learned the numerous challenges of building strong connections with fans on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Apple Podcasts. Additionally, the alternative of trying to bring fans to a new platform is often even more challenging. Compounding that is the constant risk of waking up one day to find out you have lost everything to an arbitrary account closure.

We have grown to believe that there needs to exist a platform where creators: (1) have ownership of their content, (2) can live without threat of being deplatformed or de-monetized, and (3) can give their top fans access to exclusive content and experiences. Additionally, this platform would be one where fans can easily support early creators and help them be successful.

When we discovered the BitClout protocol we were blown away, immediately realizing it was the key technology that was missing to build that platform. All it needed was a rich native mobile application built on top that provided intuitive new user onboarding, full native app messaging functionality and premium content tiers.

The public beta version launching today gives a slicker mobile experience for 80-90% of current BitClout use cases. We want to get it into your hands early to get your input as we build it out from here. There is much more we still need to build. For example, the ability to buy bitclout, buy, sell or transfer creator coin, or send diamonds. We are working on those. We are also still building full notification functionality. Our development efforts will be focused on realizing what we believe is a deeply transformational product vision outlined above, not necessarily just being feature complete with

In parallel with this development work, we also have a team dedicated to helping creators onboard, engage and monetize their top fans. 

Flick is free to use and we intend to keep it that way. It is also free from advertising. We also intend to keep it that way. We will create a premium tier for creators who wish to deliver exclusive content and experiences to their top fans. That way our financial incentives are strongly aligned with that of our customers, the creators.

Most importantly, we want to bring you, the BitClout community, with us on this journey to help guide us as we develop the product. Owners of 0.01 @flickapp coin will be invited to join a project Discord server where they can interact with the team, share ideas, suggest features, etc. Owners of 0.1 @flickapp coin will, in addition, get a live monthly preview of upcoming features and concepts still in development. This community will have the opportunity to shape our community policies towards sensitive issues like content curation, promotion and moderation, user verification, etc.

We believe the next evolution of the internet is going to be about enabling everyone to become a creator, and for creators to reach their full potential. We are building.

Download now on iOS