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Finally, a Home for Your Podcast Community

With so much effort put in to producing great content, your listener-base is your hardest-earned asset.

Flick gives you a dedicated hub to grow and nurture your audience. Gather your fans, generate loyalty, get invaluable feedback, let your listeners connect with each other & discuss the topics you podcast about. One dedicated hub where they can listen to your episodes and support your work with monthly donations.

Free. And available for every podcast.

Benefits of Setting up a Podcast Community on Flick Include:

  • A dedicated group for your community (one place to direct your users)
  • Your brand front-and-centre. Branded with your artwork and a unique url
  • Chat directly to your audience (don’t be hidden by a Facebook algorithms)
  • You own the data (your audience, your content, your data)
  • Monetize through subscriptions, donations, AMAs, + extra content for subscribers - it's up to you!
  • Get data and analytics on your podcast and community (coming soon) 

What's inside a group? 

Your own branded chat app

Set up your own group on Flick and use your branding to create custom invite links and sharing images.

You'll also get a unique url to point all of your traffic to (e.g.

Interact with Your Fans

Have a direct channel to your audience through chat. Engage and chat to your fans, gather feedback and gain more insights into what your fans want - helping you to make your content even better.

Payments Made Simple

Create a paid area for fans that want more. A subscriber-only zone that allows you to give premium content to your most avid supporters. Supply extra episodes, Ad-free versions, behind the scenes footage, and AMAs - it's up to you!

All built with simple and secure card payments through Stripe - the industry's best Payment Platform.

A podcast player

So users can listen and chat along together live. All of your episodes (free and paid behind a paywall) in one easy to access place for your audience.

Featured Podcasts on Flick

Join the community that loves the content you love and get exclusive access to extra content.


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