Flick Chat. Made Exclusively for Podcasters

Foster and grow your podcast audience

Flick Chat is a group chat platform exclusively for podcasters.

It enables you to create a community around your podcast. Ever listened to a podcast and thought, I’d love to chat with someone about that topic? Alternatively, as a host, you have ever wanted to know who your listeners are or what they think about a topic? This is what Flick delivers. Drawing from our experience in gaming and esports we know that group chat drives deeper engagement, which then drives a higher retention and ultimately monetisation.

The Secret Life Of Weddings

The Secret Life of Weddings podcast is co-hosted by professional wedding photographers Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer featuring unbelievable but true wedding stories. Lisa and Rebecca activated a Flick group as a way to engage with their listeners, get listener stories and help promote their podcast to a wider audience on the Flick platform. Jump in and download below (mobile only).

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