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The Ultimate Companion App for Influencers & Their Fans

From the creators of FanDuel. An exclusive space just for you and your audience.

Live Game Chat

Host a Flick Group and grow your social media presence into a 24/7 sports media brand with minimal effort.

Your Group
A branded, 24/7 exclusive chat space for your thousands of fans to connect and share

Live Chat
The best interactive live game experience for every game

Game Stats
We automatically break down the game stats for your group, LIVE!

Break news stories and giveaways direct to your fans using notifications

Games, Quizzes, Leaderboards
Foster friendly competition within your community

Let Flick do the Hard Yards

If you have a large following on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Snapchat, Flick is the perfect way for you to engage your audience in a scalable, gigantic group chat. Best of all, it's completely automated for live games with integrated live stats. It’s quick and easy to manage, and frees you up to spend more time chatting with your fans.

Fiago | Host of FBArmy

323k Instagram followers

"I’ve got around 12,000 members in my group and the main reason I love Flick so much is because it gives my whole community a proper place to connect, discuss and build relationships. It was always hard to talk to everyone in Instagram DM's or comments. During live games, thousands of people come together to chat in my group, it's mad. It strengthens the bond I have with my followers and my whole brand. And of course, Flick is an awesome way for us creators to earn actual money for our hard work with tips."

Jamie | Host of TalkFCB

468k YouTube Subscribers

"Joining Flick was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a content creator - especially when it comes to sports! Using the app alongside my YouTube channel gives me the opportunity to interact even further with fellow football fans and enjoy the live matches together - as one big community. The excitement from the chats and the energy during the live matches creates an amazing feeling amongst us fans. I think I can speak for all of my members when I say that we are loving the journey so far and we’re very, very excited for the future!"

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