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Take a look through our FAQ below for answers to your questions. If you still need help, drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What are Creator Vaults

Flick is utilising the BitClout Protocol to allow the creation of NFTs only possible on a Social Platform.

Vaults are NFTs that holds a collection of content posted by Creators over a period of time.

A single Vault can hold multiple types of content including:

• Videos (hosted & embedded)Images Books Audio & Music Links to external content.
• These can be Active for as long as Creators want to add content. And can be Sealed when they are done with that ‘project’.
• Vaults are accessed through the purchase of Keys directly from the creator. Vault keys will also be resellable on a secondary marketplace.

Benefits for Creators:Vaults allow influencers to work on a project basis rather than the typical ‘allows on’ model. Allowing for a greater work-life balance for traditional influencers. It also opens the door for less personality-driven Creators to build profitable communities such as writer’s, graphic artists, etc.

Benefits for Fans:Unlike other subscription services, fans don’t just pay to access the content. They buy and own a limited number of keys allowing them to access the content. This opens up the opportunity for the reselling of keys on a secondary marketplace, with the Creator & the Creator’s Coin Holders getting a cut of each resale. The easiest comparison to make is the difference between renting and buying a property.

Minting & Transferring Vaults

When you tap Create Vault, we mint your NFTs and transfer Vault Keys to our server. We do this for a number of reasons. 
First, it allows us to generate and send a post to the feed informing everyone of the availability of your new pass.

Second, it means that when someone purchases one of your keys there is no need for you to look through and accept every purchase request. Our backend does it automatically meaning no extra work for you and instant access for your fans.

It is important that you do not navigate away from this page or close your browser while your Vaults are being transferred. Your device is required to sign the NFTs and doing so will interrupt this process.

What is BitClout?

BitClout is a new social platform where you can buy and sell coins that directly relate to the social reputation of “creators”, otherwise known as influencers. It’s still early days, but the expectation is that creators will eventually be able to make money based on the value of their content and reputation, as opposed to through brand deals and advertising (like on Instagram or TikTok). Fans will more easily be able to support and gain the attention of creators. For this reason, it’s heralded as the future of social media.

What is Flick?

Flick is the premier BitClout app, led by Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones, the founders of FanDuel. With a team of 20+ experienced professionals, we’re laser-focused on building the best, safest and slickest BitClout app out there.

How do I create an account?

Currently, users can only create accounts through bitclout.com. As Flick matures, however, we will be building a smoother signup and onboarding experience. In the meantime, you can create and set up your account by following these steps:

1. Go to bitclout.com and click on Sign Up. Follow the simple steps to create your account. Be sure to put your phone number in, in order to receive a small amount of free BitClout.

2. Now you should see 3 options: “Buy BitClout”, “Complete your Profile” and “Browse”. Click “Complete your Profile”.3. Choose your username, and when you see the Founder Reward percentage keep it at 10%. This is the “tax” you get paid whenever someone else buys some of your coin. Don’t worry about it for now, because you can change it later.

4. Save your profile

Is it safe to use my Seed Phrase to access Flick?

Yes. When logging into Flick we open a WebView of identity.bitclout.com to enter your seed phrase. Any information entered here cannot be read or stored by Flick. The response we receive from identity.bitclout.com simply tells us that you have the authority to access your account.

How do I buy $CLOUT?

You can purchase $CLOUT using either fiat money (like US dollars) or Bitcoin at bitclout.com/buy-bitclout. Fiat purchases are handled by Wyre, a trusted fiat-to-crypto gateway used by some of the largest crypto wallets.

Purchasing $CLOUT using Bitcoin is a two-step process. First, you must send Bitcoin to the unique wallet address displayed on the “Buy with Bitcoin” tab of the “Buy $CLOUT” screen. Once the transfer is complete you can then swap your Bitcoin for $CLOUT, which will automatically be added to your wallet.

What is a Creator Coin?

Every BitClout profile gets its own “creator coin” that anybody can buy and sell. Our coin is called $flickapp, and at the time of writing one coin is worth ~$7,971 in US dollars.

Everyone on BitClout has — or “is” — their own coin. The value of a coin goes up or down when people buy and sell it (and by how much they buy or sell). When people buy a creator coin, its price goes up; when they sell it, the price goes down. This system allows creators to directly own and monetize their brand, without having to go through middlemen who take a cut of their earnings.

Why should I buy someone’s coin?

You should buy someone’s coin for two main reasons:

1. You know the creator from other platforms and you want to support them and the content they produce.

2. You think the coin seems like a good price and will increase in value, because you believe they’ll grow to be more successful, famous or influential.

Why should I buy my own coin?

You should buy your own coin because:

1. When you first join BitClout, nobody has bought your coin yet so it’s cheap.

2. You might find that you start to have influence or grow a following at some point, and you don’t want to miss out on profiting from your own social success.

3. Other BitClout users are unlikely to buy your coin if you haven’t bought any yourself. Just like in the “real” world, investors are unlikely to buy shares in a company if the CEO doesn’t own any themself.

How do I increase the value of my coin?

There are two things that affect the value of your coin:

1. The current price of $CLOUT

2. How much of your creator coin has been bought by other people

In short, the only way to increase the value of your coin is to incentivize people to buy it. Creating good quality content and interacting with other users' posts is a sound strategy for increasing your value on the platform.

Why is my sell exchange value different from what was shown?

When selling Creator Coins or $CLOUT you may see a discrepancy between the amount shown and the final exchange. This is simply due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. We always try to show you the most accurate estimate of what you will receive, however, by the time the exchange is complete it is possible that the value of $CLOUT has shifted enough for the value of your exchange to go either up or down.

What’s the point of BitClout?

Right now BitClout is in its infancy, but here’s why it’s an interesting prospect:

• “Normal” people could make money from it. If you believe that a certain influencer is going to become even more successful, you could buy their coin early on while the cost is low. Then, if they do become more successful, the coin you own could skyrocket in value, which you could then sell to pocket the difference.

• Creators can more easily profit from the content they produce. The anticipation is that creators will be able to make money based on the value of their content and reputation, as opposed to through brand deals and advertising. For example, if you want to see quality content from @PamelaAnderson, she might ask that you own at least 0.1 of her coin first. Musicians could release tracks to their top coin holders before releasing to the public, and so on.

• Creators can also reward fans by, for example, giving away limited items, such as 100 signed copies of their book to the top holders of their coin.

• Creators can focus their attention on the fans who provide them with the most monetary value. From the BitClout one-pager: “Most creators get a torrent of spam in their message inbox on social media. With BitClout they could make it so that only people who own a certain amount of their coin can message them, or they could simply rank and prioritize messages from the largest holders of their coin.”

• Creators cannot be deplatformed. We’ve been talking so far about the BitClout social platform, but it actually isn’t a social platform at all. BitClout is actually its own custom blockchain like Bitcoin, but instead of just currency it also handles social media data like profiles, comments and follows. This means three things: Anyone can run a BitClout “node” on their own server, every node stores a full copy of all BitClout data to date, and anyone can build their own app using BitClout. This means that even though you can get banned from an app, you can simply take your followers, posts, and wallet with you elsewhere.

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