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Redefining how you organise, chat and consume media together. 

We’re building a new live mobile engagement platform organised around your passions. With Flick you can join or create a group around any topic and share your favourite media with them in real time. Love Ariana Grande? We’ve got a group for you. Join up and watch her latest videos, interviews and performances live with other fans. Free Climbing more your thing? Chat with other adrenaline junkies while watching the latest Alex Honnold video.

Flick is an Edinburgh based company and if you are a top tier engineer who is interested in building amazing mobile products; loves technical challenges; and wants to work with a proven team then let’s talk!

We're looking for engineers to help us build a truly special experience for our users. You will share our passion of building a product that users love and you’ll have the skills to execute at a high level.

Flick’s founders built FanDuel, one of the first billion dollar tech companies in Scotland - they understand how to ship exciting, polished well-executed products that are used by millions of fans on a daily basis.

Initially we’ll be moving quickly on concepts and working with users to refine ideas that work for them. We enjoy moving fast across multiple disciplines. We test, we collaborate and we ship — all with user satisfaction at the forefront of our minds. We need you to move quickly and be comfortable with change.  We also want you to help us define and shape a great working culture. As an early employee you’ll be responsible for setting the tone not only on how we build stuff, but also the way that we work and how we enjoy the ride along the way.

Take a look behind the scenes: