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What is BitClout?

Flick is embarking on a new project that uses the BitClout protocol to rebuild social media in a completely decentralized manner. In this new system users own their own identity (as opposed to renting it from the social media platforms) and moderation is decentralized. You can learn more about the BitClout protocol in their white paper.

The Flick team has deep expertise building social mobile applications, and is bringing that expertise to building applications on the BitClout protocol. Our current application is under development and aims to go into public beta in Q2 2021.

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Do you want to help us build the next generation of Social Media?

We are currently hiring for these open roles:
(p.s. if you don’t see a role that’s right for you feel free to drop us a note below)

Senior Front End Engineer

As a key senior hire for our web product, you’ll be responsible for concepting, building new features, squashing bugs, architecting cleaner code...
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Backend Engineer

As a key senior hire for our engineering team, you’ll be responsible for concepting, building new features, squashing bugs & architecting cleaner code...
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The Premier BitClout Client

The team at Flick has spent the last 3 years working with creators to help them engage and monetize their top fans.

Through that time we have worked with 1,000s of creators and learned the numerous challenges of building strong connections with fans on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Apple Podcasts. Additionally, the alternative of trying to bring fans to a new platform is often even more challenging.

Compounding that is the constant risk of waking up one day to find out you have lost everything to an arbitrary account closure.

We believe the BitClout protocol has the potential to be the solution to this.

About Us

Take Back Control

We have grown to believe that there needs to exist a platform where creators:

  • Have ownership of their content.

  • Can live without threat of being deplatformed or de-monetized.

  • Can give their top fans access to exclusive content and experiences.

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Diamondhands | Lead Creator of BitClout

~$5,985.02 Coin Price

@flickapp, an awesome BitClout iOS and Android app, was created by @nigeleccles, who co-founded FanDuel previously.

They and others...did such a good job that core devs will NEVER build an app.

Third-party apps ARE first-party apps on BitClout.

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